Appearance Affects Self Esteem

 Dormeuil Pink Plaid Sport Coat

What type of impression are you making? Is your image positive, respectable and professional? Are you portraying high self esteem?
Impressions of your character, ability and credibility are often formed in a matter of seconds, and can have lasting effects. Choosing to dress professionally can affect your personal economic well being and your job security.

A proper wardrobe can be a critical component for your success. It is our purpose to help you define and execute your professional wardrobe for maximum advantage. We’ll help you to be your best by helping you dress your best in every social, casual and business situation.

Men are beginning to distinguish themselves from the lax attitude of the past few years and are dressing to show their seriousness. We applaud and encourage the effort. The boys are definitely being separated from the men and the rising executives from the average employee. It’s back to serious business with serious clothing setting the pace. Men are more serious about life, and this is reflected in their clothes. It is particularly important in these difficult economic times that every aspect of business, including your personal appearance, reflects an ongoing commitment to your clients and your business. In fact, the economy is the first major factor affecting styles this year. With keen competition in the workplace more men are dressing up with suits.