Black and White Plaid 150’s Suit


Made from 100% SUPER 150’s wool, this fabric selection is soft, silky, drapes well, resists wrinkles and is very comfortable for year round wear in any climate.

When you feel the softness and luxuriousness of SUPER 150’s wool, you will know that you are buying one of the best natural fabrics available. Our craftsmanship is second to none and includes all the bells and whistles including fancy linings, premium buttons, and working buttons on the sleeves.


You are purchasing a custom made suit, designed to your specific body measurements and preferences from JT Vinson Clothiers. Our suits are crafted from very fine Super 150’s wool and built with your measurements and preferences. For our existing customers, we have everything we need on file if you like the fit of your previous suit with us. We will simply make the suit you purchase to match or duplicate your most recent suit purchase. For new customers, or customers desiring to be remeasured, or discuss options and details in person, you will have an opportunity upon check-out to schedule a face to face appointment with JT Vinson Clothiers’ staff. We will come to you or meet you at our offices to handle everything in person, from measurements to styling details. Upon checkout you will be emailed the link to make your appointment with Alan Vinson and/or our in house design team. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.