What is a men’s clothier?

  There sure are a lot of ways to say “men’s clothing store.” There’s men’s store, men’s clothing, men’s attire, men’s dresswear, men’s suiting, etc. But what you don’t see very often, and maybe you’ve only seen it with us; definitely a men’s clothier. There is certainly a difference. One of my adopted mentors summed…read more

How a ​custom suit designer uses high-touch, not high-tech, to market business

Finding a niche in business, creating a brand and delivering on your promise is essential for success. There are multiple approaches, and no matter which one you choose, stick with it and be proud to consistently deliver. Whether it’s a high-touch, high-tech or hybrid approach, select your niche and brand it with passion. While Alan…read more

6 ways to prevent wear and tear on your business suit

Your business suit is an investment in yourself. Ensuring that you look sharp while wearing it is a key reason for owning a suit in the first place. While you should follow the standard guidelines on how often to wear and rotate your suits, you’ll still wear each ensemble multiple times in a month. Following…read more