​4 gifts to give a businessman to improve his wardrobe


As the gift-giving season quickly approaches, many search for gifts for the men in their lives. One of the best options is a custom-made business suit. If that’s not in your price range this year, have no fear! I’ve created a list of four smaller items you can give as gifts this holiday season (or…read more

​4 things to do when you clean out your suit closet


If you have a closet full of suits and find that you only wear two or three of your dozens of suits, they aren’t doing you any good. It may be time to clean out your closet and refresh your business wardrobe. The total number of suits you should have depends on how often you…read more

Men’s suit mistakes during the 2016 presidential campaign


Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, we’ve had the pleasure of viewing a variety of suit styles, colors and trends from those who may lead our country. Businessmen look up to those candidates to find their own presidential suit styles. They seek ways to emulate that style. Read full article on Jacksonville Business Journal: http://www.bizjournals.com/bizjournals/how-to/growth-strategies/2016/11/men-suit-mistakes-during-presidential-campaign.html…read more

Men: ​How to rotate your business wardrobe


Do you feel like you’re constantly going to the dry cleaner to pick up your suits and shirts? Running out of business wear is never convenient — especially when you need to be prepared for the work week. In order to save money and time, it’s smart to have enough suit combinations to get you…read more

​How men can customize the lapel look


The details of a suit matter as much as the confidence a man feels when wearing it. The limitless variety of suits may make customization thereof seem difficult, but with a carefully-considered shirt collar and lapel pairing, any suit can look crisp and attract the right attention. Read full article on Jacksonville Business Journal: http://www.bizjournals.com/bizjournals/how-to/growth-strategies/2016/10/how-men-can-customize-the-lapel-look.html…read more

3 suits men need in their closet


I’m often asked what the best suits are to own — especially for men who are beginning to put their business wardrobes together for the first time or are shopping for a refreshing upgrade in fit or trend. There are three key suits every man should have in his closet that will take him from…read more

5 reasons men should dress for success


If dressing for success leads to success, why aren’t more men dressing up for work? Men can make their interviews, business meetings and networking events more productive, effective and beneficial simply by wearing a suit and tie. It’s time to take your business attire to the next level, and here’s why: Read full article on…read more

Suit jacket? Blazer? Sports jacket? What’s the difference?


There are certain types of clothing that men often use interchangeably, leaving many confused about the differences between one item and another. Most often, I see this confusion where the blazer, sports coat and suit jacket are concerned. Each piece has unique elements that distinguish it from the others. Read full article on Jacksonville Business…read more