What’s So Great About Custom Clothing?

We have finally arrived at a day where a man can have a suit made for about the same amount of investment as an equivalent quality suit purchased off the rack.  While we have been talking about this for years, the newest innovations of technology and fine tailoring have truly made this value proposition a…read more

JTV In The New Year

Quality, style and value have always been our trademark.  We continue to work side by  side with our master tailors to give you exactly what you want and need.  The 5 weeks on the ground last year in London working with some of the world’s top bespoke tailors has influenced our perspective and skill in making clothes.…read more

Summer Suit Special Ends Saturday!

Summer Suit Special from JT Vinson

This special is only available for a few more days, so make an appointment today! Start your summer looking fresh and tailored. Come in and see how the new tailored look can make a world of difference.…read more

The Championship Tie

Billy Donovan trusts James Taylor Vinson to coordinate his wardrobe including the tie he wore on the side line during the BIG game.…read more

Florida Trend – Well Suited

Florida Trend

Alan Vinson calls himself a “walking men’s clothing store.” He owns James Taylor Vinson Co. in Jacksonville, a by-appointment-only custom men’s clothing business. He dresses customers all over the state, from CEO’s like Gary Chartrand of Acosta and John Byers of FPIC Insurance Group to sports figures like UF Gators head coach Billy Donovan, who…read more

JT Vinson’s British Invasion!

JT Vinson, British Inspired Tailoring

I have just returned from a very successful and rewarding trip to London, and am ready to infuse some new ideas into our offering for American men. There is no doubt we could take some pages from the Brits when it comes to dressing to impress.…read more

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July from JT Vinson Tailors

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall."--- John Dickinson…read more

I’m your Ice Cream Man!

Cool Summer Styles from JT Vinson Clothiers

Remember the sound of the ice cream truck heading your way.  You knew you wanted some, but you weren’t sure what.  So you just ran and figured it out when you got there.  Well, this summer we are serving up some cool and tasty new clothes and great deals, and we are coming your way.…read more