I’m your Ice Cream Man!

Remember the sound of the ice cream truck heading your way.  You knew you wanted some, but you weren’t sure what.  So you just ran and figured it out when you got there.  Well, this summer we are serving up some cool and tasty new clothes and great deals, and we are coming your way.  Can you hear the music playing?  Run and get some!

Delivered in 6 Weeks or it’s Half-Price

Cool Summer Styles from JT Vinson Clothiers

With our new trim fabrics, shrits come in more flavors than ever before!
JTVInson Custom Shirts
Orlando, Valdosta and Tallahassee Special
Check this Out!!
 Two Custom Suits (reg. $985 each)
 Two Custom Pants (reg. $255 each)
Four Custom Shirts (reg. $147 each)
A value of $3,068
All For $2,175
Pay Half Down and Balance on Delivery
Orlando Dates are June 21st
Valdosta Dates are June 22nd & 23rd
Tallahassee Dates are June 23rd & 24th