New Year. Re: Brand Yourself

Custom SuitAs the New year kicks off it makes us think about new opportunities and looking expectfully at the year ahead.  The New year is the great “reset button” and is a great time to re-brand yourself and your company.  It’s the time of year that we can reflect on the year before and the year ahead at the very same time.  What do we want more of?  What do we want less of?  What investments need to be made?  Re-branding is a concerted effort to make positive change to the perception the world already has about you or your organization.  Of course, we recommend taking a look at your wardrobe and making some thoughtful choices about elevating (and updating) the look you portray this year.  This can pay big didvidends.  I spoke to a senior law partner recently who was frustrated that some of the younger lawyers in the firm weren’t always “presentable” if something came up unexpectedly and they hadn’t worn a suit that day.  Another client remarked that he wanted to take a young associate to a lunch meeting with one of the firms best clients, but he (the young associate) wasn’t dressed well enough so he made the associate stay behind.  Are you dressed well enough for any opportunity that might come your way on any given day?  Isn’t that what being professional is all about?  Shouldn’t we always be ready to put our best foot forward no matter what comes our way?  Our new economy means that the average person can’t afford to let opportunities pass them by.  Opportunity comes to people who LOOK like they are ready for it.  Be ready.  With our help, its an easy task!  One hour a year in your office is all the time it takes.