There are many ways that J.T. Vinson Clothiers can help you with your wardrobe. You will experience the advantages that come from working with a professional in the field. Our services include:

  • Performing a wardrobe analysis on your existing clothing, including evaluation of its condition. Also, studying your wardrobe prior to appointments to ensure the best balance and color considerations based on previous purchases and current trends.
  • Advising you on important style considerations based on your physical build. For example, collar styles that complement your facial shape; and suit-pant cuts that are most flattering to your physique.
  • Consulting with you on the finer points of dress and assisting in the selection of ties and other accessories. For example, choosing a tie other than solids to go with a patterned shirt.
  • Maintaining swatch cards (small fabric samples) cataloging your purchases and generating an inventory card system for wardrobe planning and coordination.
  • Maintaining a confidential file noting your preferences and future needs.
    Making recommendations to help you maintain your wardrobe in good condition, including educating you and your dry-cleaner on proper care of your clothing. Some key points may help you maintain your purchases, and therefore ensure their long life and your enjoyment of them.
  • Coming to your office twice a year to update you on the season’s new fabrics, including a selection of materials not found elsewhere.
  • Re-checking your measurements from the convenience of your office, and performing alterations on existing clothing as needed.
  • Reminding you of the purpose of clothing and why it’s important to make your appearance on the job a priority.

FACT: Over 80% of our business is generated from established customers. This repeat business confirms a high level of satisfaction with our clothing, service and price.

J. T.Vinson Clothiers offers a complete line of custom, made-to-measure and ready-made executive apparel. We offer an unparalleled selection in the latest styles, along with top-notch alteration services. You can choose from more than 500 suit fabrics and over 250 shirt fabrics. We carry all the accessories for your complete wardrobe, including shoes, belts, ties, cufflinks and pocket squares. Dozens of careful and exact measurements for both shirts and suits guarantee that every garment is tailored and fitted to your body style and personal taste.